Brie Larson And Tom Holland Set To Cameo In Disney+’s Nick Fury Series

Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury series can introduce Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel on the small screen

As per a report by Variety actor Samuel L Jackson is set to return as Nick Fury in a new Disney+ series. The trade magazine confirmed the actor’s involvement along with Kyle Bradstreet who is set to write and executive produce the show. The news comes in the series of many official announcements that have come in from Marvel Studios in last two weeks.

Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury has been the connective tissue of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the past decade, Nick Fury has assembled the Earth’s mightiest heroes nonetheless; this is the first time he will take the center stage in a story.

Though, any further details about the Disney+ series is scarce fans are speculating a lot on the basis of previous leaks and rumours. The last we have seen Nick Fury was in Spider-Man: Far From Home post-credit scene where he was on a space station taking a vacation while Skrulls were impersonating him on Earth. Based on the fact fans contemplate he will now head SWORD.

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There were strong rumours about an Agents of SWORD series around the time of Agents of SHEILD finale. The fate of some characters travelling to other worlds further sealed the deal for fans. However, AoS was a Marvel TV property and only drew at times from the main MCU timeline. While Marvel TV dissolved and Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige took over, MCU DNA was mixed to the final season to close some loops.

Conversely, with Skrulls at hand and Nick Fury’s involvement in Captain Marvel origins makes other fans feel it build towards a Secret Invasion timeline. The Secret Invasion rumour has been around the block for Captain Marvel’s sequel. However, a recent rumour suggests Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will be in a substantial role in the Brie Larson starrer.

Expansion of the MCU

Alternatively, maybe like this writer speculates, Nick Fury show will be a mix of both the rumours.

With Feige on the helm of both MCU and Disney+ shows Marvel’s content strategy points in a very expansive direction of storytelling. Despite the recent virus-induced upheaval in MCU Phase 4 plans, the core strategy remains the same. Disney+ shows – that gives the feasibility of narrating twice the amount of content than a feature film – works towards building a bigger event. Fans further see this event unfolding on the big screen. For example, we first meet Ms Marvel, She-Hulk, Hawkeye (all confirmed shows) on Disney+ and their events will eventually tie into a Young Avengers movie in theatres. This way Feige compels fans to keep up with each Disney+ show to understand the bigger MCU narrative.  

Hence, it can be quite possible that the aforementioned rumours were about the same show. A leaker, months prior claimed there’s a Nick Fury show in works and it further ties into Agents of Shields finale. While the first part of the leak indeed came true, it’ll be interesting to see if Marvel will take the decision to seamlessly include all the parts of MCU in future timelines.

So if somehow the Nick Fury show include both SWORD and Secret Invasion timeline fans are in for a treat in Captain Marvel 2 movie given Marvel’s content plan. In a tentative series of events, Fury will pick up from Spider-Man post-credit. As we have seen Talos the Skrull impersonating Nick Fury we can be rest assured there are others impersonating our heroes. That connects further to Captain Marvel and Spider-Man sequels that already have the Skrulls presence in it. So it won’t be a big deal if we see Brie Larson or Tom Holland on the small screen as well.

Nonetheless, the prospect of Nick Fury series looks very exciting for MCU’s future.

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