Invited For A Sex Party: Here’s 4 Things You Should Know

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  • A couple may attend together and discuss boundaries beforehand
  • Single women can attend, too
  • There are multiple types of parties
  • Respect and consent are important

Thinking of going a sex party? What does it have? A secret club full of dressed and undressed bodies performing sexual acts? Couples swinging? Or, maybe a cruise party where people are literally rocking each other’s boats? Basically, that’s what a sex party is all about, more or less. 

Here’s everything you need to know about what it’s like to go to a sex party, and whether you want to indulge in one. 

1. A couple may attend together and discuss boundaries beforehand

Every sex party is different and depends on the type you attend. Most welcome couples. And being on the same page matters a lot when you’re considering attending a sex party with your partner. Although the relationship with your partner improves drastically, you must communicate and set some boundaries.

For example, people who are voyeurs will thrive in this situation, as watching their partners having sex with new people can enhance a plethora of feelings. And for the partner indulging with multiple people can experience sexual freedom they wouldn’t get otherwise. 

So, it’s best to communicate what either is looking for and what is and isn’t allowed – whether it’s watching people, partaking in a threesome, having sex with multiple partners, no kissing, not cumming inside another partner, not having sex separately, etc.

Sex Party Video | MIA ALETTA ATV

2. Single women can attend, too

Most single women attending these parties will be jaw-droppingly stunning. Single men, on the other hand, can’t attend these parties. And looks play a very important factor at most of the sex parties.

Some play parties require a filled-out photo application before attending the party. 

That said, many women are proud exhibitionists, sexually independent, bold, and enjoy one-night stands. And if you’re one of these women, single, and curious in attending a sex party, be vigilant. Do a lot of research, study the club rules, and pack in a bunch of condoms. 

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3. There are multiple types of parties

One can be spoilt for choice with sex parties. You have BDSM parties if you’re a kink fanatic. Then there’s a “party house,” where you’re attending the party at a house, instead of a club. Some parties are called Club 10 parties where only highly successful and super-hot individuals are invited. And then you’ll find Topless Travel services suitable for people interested in swinging.

4. Respect and consent are important

Almost all sex parties have ground rules laid that make people attending feel safe, comfortable, and respected. These rules are listed on the club’s websites where they mention the substance abuse, not touching another club attendee without their consent, practicing safe sex, and more. And they’ve bouncers in the club, too, who make sure the rules are followed, and if someone misbehaves, they could either be thrown out or given a warning. This level of security will make club attendees feel safe while experimenting. That said:

Orgy/sex/play parties are some of the best ways to transform your kinks and fantasies to be applied IRL!

Experimenting is a part of life! And a sex party is a great way to experiment with things and spice it all up. As long as you’re an open-minded person, a sexplorer, and confident, you’ll find sex parties as interesting as they seem. Just know your limits, be safe, dress sexy, and respect one another — when these things are considered, you could enjoy these parties to the fullest. 

Now, after attending these parties and you didn’t like it, don’t break a sweat. That’s why it’s called experimenting. There are new and better ways that’ll float your boat. Whatever you do, remember, research is key. 

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