Snyder Cut’s Reshoot And Henry Cavill’s Absence Falls In Line With WB’s Soaring Ambitions

In October, Zack Snyder is doing additional photography for his director’s cut of Justice League with a massive $70 Million budget from WB

Director Zack Snyder’s Justice League is slowly becoming a very interesting case study in Hollywood. The movie has been through it’s up and down and stood victorious in once in a lifetime Fans Vs Studio battle. Whilst, WB has its own profit motives behind releasing the Snyder Cut on HBO Max, its new streaming platform. Nonetheless, the amount of money they are pitching in for reshoot of a 3-year-old movie makes one ponder over the studios’ intentions.

Against the initial reports of WB investing a $30 Million in the post-production of the rough cut, $70 million is a massive amount much of which will primarily go to VFX work. The Wrap reported,

Zack Snyder’s cut of “Justice League” will contain brand new footage after all. The director will be conducting a week of additional filming with the main cast of the film.

To set contrast Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar winning Joker was made on a modest $ 55 million budget. Similarly, the budget is enough to make a Deadpool movie or say a couple of John Wick chapters.

WB’s Soaring Ambitions

With the AT&T merger, WarnerMedia has new corporate plans in place. The effect can be seen in the massive restructuring that took place this August and the unprecedented virtual event DC FanDome. Putting two together it’s clear WB has more money after they downsized and laid-off many employees that can be invested in all the shiny projects that debut at the FanDome.

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WB has Arrowverse and DC Multiverse (starting with 2022 The Flash) to exploit as bigger properties. With the planned hefty investment, WB can very well make its own Snyder-verse with characters interacting between various timelines of both Multiverse and Arrowverse. It is an exciting idea and very plausible if WB decides to create a JL franchise.

At a previous fan held fandom event, Snyder revealed his is an Elseworld tale. DC comic used the Elseworld concept to show the rather bizarre events, which might not take place in actual timeline. At large adding an Elseworld to DC Multiverse makes sense for the studio.

A Snyder-verse In Making

Further, to reshoot Snyder Cut with main characters could also mean Snyder is approaching a slightly different ending then initially planned. The director famously said he would choose to set the film on fire than use Joss Whedon’s frames. And rightly so! Repurposing the end will also make sense given originally Snyder planned two-part Justice League. Snyder not only has a story to culminate but its lessons and emotions worth four years that came with the fan movement. So, a little fan service is expected but not without a touch of future profits.

If indeed, Multiverse is future of DC then making a Snyder-verse to let it interact with other Earths such as Arrowverse or Tim Burton’s universe who knows even the Pattinson’s Bat-verse seems like a very exciting opportunity and worth investing a $ 70 million in.

However, no one knows better than Snyder where his tale is taking the viewers. Contradicting the reports, actor Henry Cavill confirmed to Collider he has no scenes for the Snyder Cut reshoot. He further said, “Not shooting anything additional. No. It’s all stuff that has been already done. Obviously I don’t know how things are going to evolve and change and adapt depending on now a different length of movie and whatever may happen in post-production.”

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Cavill gave the interview just ahead of the news about WB’s investment plans broke out. Further, there are rumours about Cavill signing a 3 movie deal as Man of Steel. It is highly possible Cavill is not to say anything at that stage or truly, he needs not to participate in connecting scenes. After all, there is two-hour worth of exclusive footage that Whedon cut.   

Nevertheless, we will get to know when Zack Snyder’s Justice League premiers on HBO Max on 5 September 2021.

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