This Is Why Anne With An E Did Not Impress Viewers And The Network

After three glorious seasons, ‘Anne With An E’ was cancelled. The show left fans with a series of unanswered questions against the backdrop of its abrupt ending. The CBC-Netflix show is based on the classic book “Anne of Green Gables” and premiered on Netflix in 2017, offering a new take on Lucy Maud Montgomery’s beloved characters.


  • Anne With An E: Axed but why?
  • Anne With An E: Gone but not forgotten
  • Plot exploration and fan theories for all future projects

In comparison to the 1985 TV adaptation, the latest version treaded on a darker territory, sometimes too dark for its fans, but still managed to garner a huge fanbase. Unfortunately, before the show could get to finish Anne’s story, it was axed. The fans took their petition online and demanded a reboot. Here is everything you need to know about why Anne With An E got cancelled and the possibility of a reboot.

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‘Anne With An E’: Axed but why?

The decision that the popular series was getting cancelled left the fans of the show blindsided. The reason ultimately was that even though Anne, and her positive outlook towards life, had captured the hearts of millions around the world, the viewership was still low in the adult rating section. What further deteriorated the situation was that the ties between CBC and Netflix were not at par. The partnership between the two companies suffered because CBC’s President Catherine Tait averted giving content to Netflix, and the show lost its financial backing.

This discord was the last straw ultimately, and the result of it was that fans were left with an unsatisfactory and incomplete ending. Without Netflix to support the show, but with an eager audience waiting, can the period-drama series make a comeback with other networks, if at all?

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‘Anne With An E’: Gone but not forgotten

In the fight between two giant production houses, the fans of the show were left to bleed. So, when the news of the show’s cancellation was made official, fans took it in their own hands to get the show renewed. A petition organised by the fans demanded that the show be brought back with season 4. The petition is still going strong, even after more than six months since it started, gathering over 650,000 signatures (June 2020), and is supported by various social media campaigns too.

After the cancellation, Netflix shared an official link that leads to where fans can make a renewal pitch. But the creator of ‘Anne with An E’, Moira Walley-Beckett, has revealed that she’s somewhat interested in creating a feature film. What is clear is that the future of the series is still undecided, so, what should we expect?

Plot exploration and fan theories for all future projects

One thing that has been highly anticipated since the official cancellation is that one of these streaming apps will bring the show back for good. The season 3 finale foreshadowed a new chapter in Anne’s life by teasing a brand new story about her life beyond Green Gables. But not before everything else worked against her with Diana’s parents not allowing her to join Anne at school and Mathew acting like he is not bothered by her leaving.

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The next season (or movie) could focus on her life at Queen’s College and the future of her relationship with Mathew since in the end he ensures her that he is heartbroken by her leaving. The books showed Anne and Mathew having a lot of adventures together, and ultimately marrying each other and having children. It is unfair, almost borderline evil, that viewers were deprived of plotlines like these.

Have you signed the petition yet? Do you think we will see Anne and Mathew get together again? How do you want the show to come back? Let us know in the comments section below!

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